Choosing The Right Dog Food Brand: Is Your Dog Getting The Nutrition It Needs?

While the type of diet that you give your dog greatly depends on your choice of preference, some individuals still prefer feeding dry dog food, because it has been proven to be more nutritious over the others. For example, if you’re going with the raw food diet, it may have the protein and other essential nutrients, but you also have to add more fruits and vegetables if you want to ensure that your furry friend gets all required nutrients they need.

If you have chosen to feed your fur babies with dry dog food, the first thing that you have to know is that not all dog foods are created equal. There are some that are better than the others, while there are other brands that contain ingredients which are not suitable for our dogs. Your dog will make this his favorite food.

In general, premium dog foods are better than others you see in the market. Considering that they’re filled with high-quality ingredients, there are no fillers that will make your dog fat, or obese. Most premium dog foods do not also contain grains and other ingredients your dog may be allergic to.

To give you an idea on which dog food brands are ideal, here is a list of top brands you can check out.


This brand of dry dog feed is popular because it is high in protein, yet low in carbohydrates. Its ingredients only come from high protein sources, which is why it gives only the best sources to your pet dog.

Unlike cheaper brands, Acana doesn’t have grains, glutens or corn – all are natural ingredients rich in protein to give your dog the growth and increase strength muscle that it needs for its daily activities.

This brand is made up of 60 – 65% meat mixed with 35 – 40% fruits and vegetables.


Many pet owners and breeders love Orijen because again, made by Champion Pet Foods based in Canada, and has won multiple awards and consistently gets them for producing quality products.

Similar to Acana, this is high in protein, a bit higher actually, which is ideal for working dogs and lactating bitches. It uses sweet potatoes as its primary source of carbohydrates. This brand contains 20% carbohydrates and 80% protein. Again, it does not contain fillers, no corn, grains, and glutens – these can have adverse reactions to your dog and they should never be fed with food containing these.

Wellness Core

Wellness core makes both dry and canned dog foods. This food brand has been specifically formulated to meet every dog’s demands and needs. This food only contains calories and fat levels which are just right for the dog’s daily needs. Because Wellness Core is 100% grain free, you don’t have to worry about feeding your furry friend with something that it may develop an allergic reaction to.